Beauty Flash Balm: A Clarins Classic Reviewed

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is renowned as a Beauty Editor’s product of choice and an iconic skincare product.

Beauty flash balm packaging

Claiming to brighten and tighten, it’s no real surprise that when I first used it in my early 20s, I failed to see the benefits of using these. Fast forward a few years, and I now understand the place that this product claims in my ritual.

Clarins describe it as an ‘instant radiance booster’  which ‘revives skin’s beauty’. Now, I’m always sceptical to the claims of the beauty industry, as vaguely regulated as it is, however this product does work to brighten and lift the complexion. It’s a multi tasking product which I enjoy. Use it daily under makeup as a boost to your complexion, in place of, or with a primer (I quite like it as a primer as it seems to give me an extra moisture boost). Alternatively, you can use it much like Laura Mercier’s Secret Finish, and press a small amount into skin mid afternoon to lift foundation – I like it best around the temples and cheekbones.

For me personally, it comes into its own as a mask, and this is how I most often use it. Pop on a layer for 10 minutes – it doesn’t need to be too thick, and let it soak it to soothe and brighten skin. Great if you have time in the morning, so it’s a good weekend product.

Whilst I can’t say it makes much of a difference to the few fine lines I have, my skin does feel firmer and softer. It also claims to fight the signs of stress and fatigue – frankly I’ll take all the help I can use in that department.

My verdict? At £28, it’s not cheap, but you are paying for quality. Tip: find out which department store has a Gift with Purchase promotion on – you should be able to use it as one of the required two products, and collect your deluxe minis as your gift with it. Otherwise, you can buy it here at John Lewis.

Have you tried Beauty Flash Balm yet?

C xx


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12 Responses to Beauty Flash Balm: A Clarins Classic Reviewed

  1. scorpionglow says:

    Excellent review. You’re good at this. =)

  2. I love beauty flash balm…i tend to use it as a make-up primer too! Never thought of applying on top of my foundation though, sounds like a great tip! Thanks!

  3. Lady Kate says:

    I couldn’t live without this product, I use it as a primer everyday & now I swear by it! x

  4. Painted Lady says:

    I use this everyday as well as a moisturizer for my combination oily skin! Since it also doubles as a primer, it’s just a bonus! My skin never fails to look more awake and refreshed when I use it. Since it’s so expensive though, I don’t use it as a mask. I couldn’t be without it!

  5. palomino72 says:

    I love Beauty Flash Balm, its a classic 🙂

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