Missoni Highlighter: A forgotten treasure

I wanted to post about a product I have only just discovered despite having owned it for years. As one of my new year’s resolutions, I wanted to stop being lazy in the products I use, and work my way through the plethora of products I have outstanding.

I was gifted this beautiful compact when it came out as a limited edition product in 2006 and kept it fully sealed as I thought it was too good to use. I can’t believe I did this now.

This is one of the most beautiful products I have ever used, and I am so annoyed I did not snap up more of these when they were on sale. The quality is beautiful: the powder is finely milled, easily blendable, with wearable shades that can be used on their own or together to create your desired effect.

At the moment, I am using each shade individually. The bronzer works as a great contour product for cheekbones, and the soft brush is a good quality and makes it easy to blend. The mix of shimmer and non-shimmer products means you can use the lighter shades as a highlighter on the brow bone. Also when you sweep across the whole compact, you get a lovely illuminating powder effect, rather than full on shimmer.

The packaging also helps makes the product – the zig zag stripe pompoms on the accompanying pouch add to the fashion credentials of this compact, whilst inside you discover the unmistakable signature Missoni pattern. Also, I love that it doesn’t smell of the old Missoni fragrance, which was too sweet and chocolatey for my liking.

Do you have a beauty regret?

C xx



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5 Responses to Missoni Highlighter: A forgotten treasure

  1. Wow! That’s stunning. I never saw this !!! Where did they sell it?

  2. I wish i lived near boutique stores damn! Maybe its a good thing. I just don’t have tons of money

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