Vintage Jewellery – current favourites

I’m not usually a huge wearer of jewellery – a piece has to be striking, elegant and covetable to be a keeper for me. That’s why I’m slowly building a small collection of vintage pieces, that add a unique element to my look, that can be endowed with new meanings for its new owner.

Full vintage jewllery pic

The main pendant on a chain was a gift from my mother that she inherited from her grandmother. It also come with matching earrings but looks great on a black dress or sweater, or layered with smaller chains.

Close up Vintage Jwlry 1

The enamel butterfly is also vintage and gifted on my 21st. I have another similar that I pair together. The pearls were a gift from an old flatmate, and I have the earrings to match for that as well, although I rarely wear them. I treasure the diamante bracelet which is part of a set given to me to wear to a ball  by the mother of my childhood sweetheart. These days I love the necklace below to use it to dress up a white buttoned up shirt, teamed with a grey knit sweater.

cvintage diamante close up

Finally, here’s a close up of that lovely pendant – the metal has started to tarnish and it has a couple of dents from other the years, all of which for me add to its character and uniqueness.

Close up Vintage pendant

I love that vintage comes with a story, whether from the past, or for you to create your own.

What’s your favourite piece?

C xx


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4 Responses to Vintage Jewellery – current favourites

  1. dapperdolly says:

    Those pieces are a lovely start to your collection 🙂
    I like the butterfly the most as I love enamel jewellery and they tend to be harder to find, though I like the diamante bracelet very much also.

  2. Mary says:

    What a pretty collection – wearing vintage jewellery is lovely because of the stories that go with it. My favourite from your collection is the butterfly – so cute! I wear my vintage engagement rings most of the time – you can see them here if you like:

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