Beauty Booty: A storage solution

I finally decided over Christmas that enough was enough and I needed to find a better way to store my beauty products. I took a trip to Muji and found this amazing organiser, with compartments, that allowed me to file away all my cosmetics.

beauty Chest of drawersIt’s actually 2 sets, stacked. Each have 3 handy compartments, so in one drawer I have Lips, subdivided into Lipsticks, Lipglosses and Lipbalms/brushes as below:

Beauty chest - Lips

I have then done the same for eyes, cheeks and face. I had no idea how many products I had in my various makeup bags, so this has really helped and will definitely stop me falling into a rut!

The only problem now  is that I stall have some bigger face and body highlighters to store, and then all my nail products, so I will definitely be taking a trip back.

You can buy them, and similar here


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4 Responses to Beauty Booty: A storage solution

  1. Naomi says:

    I SO need something like this to store my cosmetics in… The boxes I have at the minute are far too small. Great post!

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