Marc by Marc Jacobs mini bag: an exercise in downsizing

Having suffered arm ache and shoulder pains from carrying over-filled, heavy large handbags, I thought it was about time I tried to downsize. After all, what do I really need other than money, keys and a phone?

Quite a bit as it turns out. For a start it’s two phones not one, one for work, one for play. Plus there’s my shuffle and headphones, a lip gloss and a powder, gum, security pass for work etc.

That said I have this little beauty that’s been tucked away in it’s dust bag for too long.


Now, this does mean carrying around handcream (this Kiehls hand salve is the best on the market – a little medicinal smelling but super effective), a spare pair of shoes, my book, and all other manner of paraphenalia in a separate bag if I need them, but there’s something very freeing about running around town with just my credit card, oyster card and phone.

Plus the detail on this bag is too cute to resist… and what better colour for the festive season

Have you tried downsizing?

C xx


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