A purl of wisdom: cocktails and concoctions

Last night I went for  drinks at one of my favourite bars in central London, a bar called Purl on Blandford Street in Marylebone. It’s an underground cocktail bar with a speakeasy feel and an innovative approach to concocting imaginative, sensory drink experiences.

The vibe is very cool, it’s table service only (so be sure to book ahead) and it’s really quite dark. Personally, that’s my kinda place. the service really was impeccable. We chose not only off the wildly interesting menu, but also asked for recommendations which were offered by the knowledgeable and friendly staff. They also remembered on return visits my preferences, what each of our party liked and disliked, and what we’d tried as a table.

The cocktails off the menu and quirky and expertly made. Highlights included a cocktail that came with a balloon attached – inside the balloon were ginger and orange extracts. When the bartender lit the balloon it popped, showering the ingredients onto the cocktail! the there was the cocktail that came in the paper cup with a side of popcorn in a striped paper bag. Or, a smoking rum – yes literally smoking. It was served in liquid nitrogen, protected in a glass bottle, but when the bottle was opened, smoke came out and the drink was poured over ice (you could definitely taste the smoke flavour in the rum!).

Finally, an amazing tequila cocktail came in a glass surrounded by bullet cases, and a fake moustache to wear, infused with scents to add an extra sensory dimension. This encapsulates the unique approach of this bar, and the fun factor that definitely comes with a visit.

You can read more here

Have you tried Purl?

C xx


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