Sisley Express Flower Gel mask: Reviewed

I wanted to try out the Sisley Express Flower Gel as Sisley is one of my favourite skincare brands. Whilst a very pricey purchase, you are always guaranteed skincare products of the very highest quality; their suncare products are second to none – FACT.

SIsley Express Flower GelThis fragrant mask is no exception. Easy to use, and designed to work as an express treatment, it’s perfect for people with little time on their hands, or those that prefer a low maintenance but efficacious routine.

The mask is designed to hydrate and tone, as well as leaving skin soft and firmed. The hydration is achieved through the inclusion of products which help retain water n the skin – namely extracts of Lily and Iris as well as  Vitamin F-rich Sesame extract from organically grown plants. The idea is that in 3 minutes, you look revitalized, with traces of stress and fatigue smoother away for a brighter and a more radiant appearance.

Sisley flower gel mask on handI used about two lots of the amount shown on my hand (the nail varnish is Deborah Lippmann in ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ for those interested. It goes on easily, with a thin layer  being all that’s required. It feels lovely and cooling on the skin (would be amazing straight from the fridge for a wake up call to skin!). After 3 minutes, you’re meant to tissue off, which is a little fiddly, but means that the remaining product is left to soak in on the skin. Nice if you have time to allow this, not so great if you are after a truly express treatment!

I’m not sure how much brighter my skin was after, but it certainly felt very hydrated, and much tauter. The fragrance is gentle and spa like, and I would definitely use this product again (the recommendation is 2-3 times a week). You can buy it from Harrods for £74.50

Have you tried Sisley?

C xx


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