Draughthouse Northcote Road

Today was fun –  I met one of one my besties for a Sunday lunch. We opted for the Draughthouse on Northcote road, which is a really cute place – bar and drinks out front and then a more relaxed dining room out back.

The atmosphere is nice, but pretty typical for Northcote Road/Battersea/Clapham way. The decor is nice, lots of framed prints and posters, with a quirky but not egotistical touch.

The food and the wine was lovely. I had a delicious Merlot which was great value for a large glass at £6.20, whilst my friend enjoyed a Sauvignon Blanc for a slightly pricey £7.25.

The beef roast was admittedly amazing, with a HUGE yorkshire, parsnips, carrots, cabbage and roast potatoes with gravy for £12.95. Whilst I have had better  roasties, the beef was perfectly cooked, overall really good value. the vibe was super chilled, and it was a really nice place to unwind. I’m looking forward to going back for a glass or two of Prosecco in the bar. If nothing else, the service was really friendly and worth going back for.

Have you tried it here?

C xx


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