Beauty Booty: a can’t miss bargain

Espa glossy box

If you’ve followed my blog since its recent inception, you’ll know that I’m a big beauty beauty junkie, but first and foremost I’m interested in the quality of a product over and above it’s reputation. That means I’m always keen to discover niche new brands if they are performance focused, but maybe don’t come with the sexy packaging and advertising campaign.

Being a beauty junkie can be an expensive journey, which is why when I was alerted to this offer, I knew it was too good to miss out on, and I had to spread the word.

Glossybox have teamed up with spa and skincare brand ESPA for the month of December, with an Exclusive Edition box. For just £30 pounds, you can try 5 ESPA products including Energising Shower Gel (50ml), Energising Body Lotion (50ml), Skin Radiance Mask (7ml), Skin Radiance Moisturiser (7ml), 24-Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser (3ml). That’s all well and good but the best part? You also get a £30 gift card to spend on your favourite products, so all the rest has essentially come free! Find out more here

I have loved ESPA for a long time now but my all time favourite has to be the Pink Hair and Scalp Mud. This is an amazing conditioning treatment which uses mineral rich red clays to nourish and revitalise your hair, leaving it feeling super soft (and if you get the chance, have this applied as part of your ESPA treatment. it’s worth going home with hair slicker than the Fonz for hair that is like silk the next day).  Massage it into damp towel dried hair, and leave overnight. They do say you can use it as a 20 minute express treatment, but personally I think overnight is when  you see maximum impact. TOP TIP: lay a towel on your pillow before you nod off.


ESPA Pink Hair and scalp Mud

Will you be investing?

C xx


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