Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden: A mixed review

Yesterday, I had a little treat in store planned, in the form of an Aromatherapy massage at the Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden. I find it quite hard to relax so was excited for my 55 minute setting.

The spa itself is in a beautiful building on a cobbled street a very short walk from the Underground. I was directed through the store up to the reception in the spa itself, where I was ‘checked in’ for my treatment. When booking on the phone, they ask you to come 15 minutes early so you have enough time to get checked in and be ready for your treatment, so that it all runs to time. Sounds sensible, so far so good.

I was however made to wait in this reception for over 15 minutes, whilst listening to the staff discuss how quickly they could get out of work and make their train to meet their boyfriends mum etc which wasn’t conducive to a relaxing atmosphere. I was just there for one treatment, so it wasn’t too bad but I did feel a bit sorry for those who had booked in for the day and were trying to rest in the lounge.

When I was taken through to the room for my treatment, it was freezing.

The therapist was very lovely, and clearly very competent, but the whole experience was ruined by the fact I was freezing cold throughout, even though the heating had been turned up when we came in. The treatment itself isn’t cheap at £75 (going by a minute per massage is a pretty good rule of thumb for a basic massage which this was) and I certainly wouldn’t go back for this cost. It’s a shame given most people there were there for a celebration or as a gift and I would have expected more from somewhere with their reputation. That said, it has made me keen to find a much better treatment, so the  research starts now!

Have you tried it there?

C xx


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