Edinburgh: A Flying Visit

I was fortunate enough to fly to Edinburgh on Wednesday, for a couple of meetings, and a small amount of fun time. I thought I’d share with you a couple of photos, and what I got up to.

First chance I got I popped to the historic department store Jenners to take a look at their huge world famous Christmas tree which apparently is covered in 10,000 fairy lights (I do love a fairy light so this was heaven for me, especially as the central Grand Hall was draped in them!

Twinkle Twinkle

A spot of retail therapy later and I was ready for a tasty little morsel. My friend and I popped to the corner of George Street to Amarone, an award winning Italian restaurant in Edinburgh Newtown.

There we managed some delicious Tiger prawns, smothered in garlic butter with a touch of chilli, followed by Bistecca al Pepe, or steak in peppercorn sauce to you and I! All washed down with Prosecco, what else?

Bubble, bubble

Needless to stay, this was the start of several, but here’s a couple of other shots I picked up…

What’s your favourite part of Edinburgh?

C xx


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I'm new to this game, be kind to me Contact me on catalinacancan@gmail.com
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