Origins Modern Friction reviewed

Origins Modern Friction strikes me as a mix of a mask and an exfoliator.

It’s a great way to buff off dead skin cells, it’s a really effective exfoliator and hence is too much to use on a daily basis – but perfect for a bi-weekly treat.


I’m not a huge fan of the texture, but once on it’s easy to buff and massage in to the skin and uses Rice Starch to act as a natural micro dermabrasion agent. Only problem is I manage to get a little bit in my eye every time!

After, my skin feels very clean, and not too dried out, just right. A little goes a long way, so from an outlay of £31, you get a lot of use. See more details here

As an added treat after, I gave myself a little mini facial massage with this ultra indulgent Clarins Face Treatment Oil for Dry skin. It smells beautiful and sinks into the skin really easily, it feels like my skin is literally drinking it up. A great way to hydrate!

Have you tried these?

C xx


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