This evening’s Nails

Tonight I am meeting one of my close friends for a celebratory drink as she has just landed a fabulous graduate job at a leading fashion PR agency. I like to think this is due to me teaching her all I know when she was my intern but I think the fact she is very very bright might just have something to do with it!

What better nail colour then than OPI’s Opening Night Champagne. This is a beautiful metallic rose gold shade. It only takes two coats to achieve the full effect, but make sure to let the first coat dry thoroughly before applying the next otherwise the metallic sheen can smudge.

Love that this nail varnish is not too hard to take off like some metallics can be. My top tip – soak a cotton wool pad in nail varnish remover, press onto the nail and hold for ten seconds before sweeping off.

Now I just need to worry about what to wear with it!

What do you think?

C x


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